I’m a culture strategist and I work with leaders and teams around the globe to help them shape a culture that brings their vision to life.

What Drives Me

An average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.

That’s 11,250 long days.

I want to help people make this time count.

My mission is to help organisations harness the power of culture to create a world where people love showing up at work.

I blend experience as:

  • a leader, in companies big and small
  • an experienced consultant who worked for giants like Korn Ferry (HayGroup), and PwC
  • an executive and team coach
  • and a researcher and an author

with my unstoppable and insatiable curiosity about what works and what doesn’t work in organisational and social change.

The values that guide me: 


I’m passionate about finding solutions that work, not the ones that feel familiar, look good on paper or that please everyone. I’m in a relentless pursuit of game-changing ideas and solutions that have potential to transform an ordinary organisation into an extraordinary one.

I’m naturally driven by curiosity and I seek to create strong partnership and collaboration with my clients, colleagues, and suppliers, enabling us to figure out what would work best for each client. I work with companies and leaders who I respect and value - their needs and points of view are truly important for me.

Expertise and knowledge don’t have to sound like incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo. Nor do they need to lead us to excessively complex solutions. I'm on a mission to demystify organisational culture, making the topic of culture more accessible, relatable and less overwhelming in its complexity. And most of all, simplicity means working with transparency and humbleness.

Change never happens in a vacuum. It’s only through deep and authentic connections between like-minded people that a culture can change. I’m deeply committed to facilitating these connections to enable groups of committed individuals to work together effectively for the vision they want to bring to life.

 My approach is science and evidence-based.

I make the complex issue of culture as simple (but not simpler) as possible, uncovering all the crucial and fundamental forces at play, so that you can take the right actions to bring about the change you seek.

I developed a BECOME process that I use
in my work on organisational culture, team, and executive coaching.


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