The Culturebrained Community® – Who We Are and What We Stand For

CultureBrained® is an online community that offers a safe and collaborative space for culture leaders and champions.

We participate in LIVE online events, interactive workshops, flash mastermind groups, and asynchronous conversations that help us challenge the status quo and create a workplace culture we can be proud of.

It’s a place for people who see themselves as seekers, explorers, and experimenters — not as experts or gurus.


We celebrate curiosity, humility, boldness, and kindness because they enable us to effectively drive sustainable change in our business. Tapping into the awesome collective mind on this platform, we explore some pretty darn hard, unGoogleable questions about culture:

  • How do we create an employee experience that brings our company values and Culture Playbook to life and allows our team to do the best work of their careers?
  • How can we ensure that our organizational design supports the desirable company culture?
  • How do we evolve our culture so that our business can move from “here” to “there” (especially if the “there” involves rapid growth or significant change)?
  • How do we attract, develop and retain top talent in the times of the Great Resignation and beyond?
The playbook

Our playbook is a living, breathing document that describes who we are and what we stand for when we are at our best as a community.

We are committed to co-creating our culture together and to constantly evolving our habits, structures, and ways of connecting and collaborating to embody our beliefs, generate the right energy, and stay true to our essence.

Our Purpose

We stand on a belief that…

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – but only when it craves attention.

This is why we made it our mission to give culture the attention it deserves right where we are – in our companies and to…

We see it as our contribution to creating a world where businesses are a powerful force for good, successfully balancing purpose and profit.

Our Core Values

Everything we do at CultureBrained® is guided by our core values. They have been built into our foundations and are amplified by our community members.

Our main focus is creating the right conditions for all members to embody these values in a way that feels enriching and authentic and that supports us in turning this community into the best place for culture leaders and champions to learn from each other!

Be bold

We support each other to show up boldly and challenge the status quo. We create a space where we can be vulnerable without fear of judgment, helping us all embrace uncertainty so that we may pursue our goals with courage, commitment, and drive.

Be kind

We believe that the kindest thing we can do for others is to see and accept them as they are. We practice empathy in our interactions and are generous with time and attention, creating positive change through mutual support, feedback, and encouragement.

Be curious

We steer clear of dogma, passionately embracing a growth mindset, creative debate, and disciplined experimentation. We choose to view our successes and failures as information on what works and what doesn’t, unlocking their true value with powerful questions.

Our Core Desired Feelings

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

We want to be intentional about the emotional impact we have on others in the CultureBrained® community.

There’s a wide array of feelings people will experience as the result of their interactions here but we want to zoom in on two important ones:

Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves. – Atticus Poetry

Feeling comfortable…

It’s not about being complacent or even content – it’s about being at ease, relaxed, and – most importantly – feeling safe.

When we are comfortable, we can stop covering up our weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions, hiding inadequacies, uncertainties, and limitations. We can exhale and be fully ourselves, with no judgment or insecurity.

Comfort is the ultimate prerequisite for true belonging because to belong, we need to feel comfortable enough to share our authentic selves with the world.

Feeling intrigued…

It starts with letting our guards down and allowing curiosity to lead the way and energize us into taking action.

It’s about creating a tiny spark with a mighty impact that motivates us to open up to new ideas, explore, dive deeper, start questioning the way we look at the world and go about shaping culture in our companies.

Feeling intrigued is the driving force behind discovery, connection, innovation, growth, and transformation.

It can be a gateway to powerful positive change both for each of us personally and for others.

So whenever we interact with someone on the platform, we ask ourselves:

  • How can I put this person at ease and make them feel comfortable to show up in a generous and authentic way?
  • How can create a tiny spark that will make them feel intrigued about possibilities or ideas?

A stunning community member

A great community <=> stunning members

Our members are the beating heart of this community and play a massive role in how we feel about our experience in CultureBrained®. Stunning members are the key element in making CultureBrained® the best place for culture leaders and champions to learn from each other.

And while we recognize the fact that we are all individuals with complex, multi-layered, and multi-faceted personalities, there are a couple of principles we feel we all need to embrace to show up as truly stunning members of this community:

1. Be mindful of the energy you bring.

Your vibe matters. Your energy matters. Your words matter. be mindful of that and act accordingly.

2. Inspire by example.

Strive to live our values and help others to do the same.


Curious to learn how you can become a founding member? 👉 Click here.

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