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  • One morning in 1971, Bill Bowerman sat at the kitchen table patiently waiting for his breakfast and thinking about a problem that consumed him at the time - creating athletic shoes with a better grip. When his wife put a plate of freshly made waffles in front of him, it was as if an invisible force suddenly hit Bowerman. He leapt out of his chair, bolted to the garage, and returned to the kitchen with two cans of synthetic resin [...]

  • Performance management has long been the source of chagrin, frustration and disappointment. In spite of being debated on, researched, and written about for decades, somehow it remains one of the most dysfunctional HR systems, poisoning our company cultures and wasting our precious resources. It’s time we shake things up a little! […]

  • Because of my work, I read A LOT – at least three books per month. Like most years, I finished 45 books in 2021 – but this time I was way more selective when deciding what gets downloaded onto my Kindle. And, lo and behold, my reading choices in 2021 were significantly different as a result. […]