Codify your culture

Uncover your authentic cultural ID by tapping into the power of stories

Codify your culture

Uncover your authentic cultural ID by tapping into the power of stories

Identify your purpose, core values, and core feelings.

Create “A Stunning Colleague Manifesto.”

Define what a great leader looks like in your company.

Are you a bit fuzzy about what your desired culture looks like?

You are not alone. Many growth-stage companies struggle to provide their employees with the clarity they need on who they are and what they truly stand for as a collective.

Their purpose and values statements often sound dry, generic, or inauthentic and, as a result, many employees struggle to see themselves in what is being professed as “this is us”. Performance, retention, and engagement suffer as a result.

So, how do you solve this problem?

In spite of what many consultants will tell you, a senior leadership retreat is NOT the answer.

There is a better way to uncover your authentic cultural identity, create outstanding clarity and a true sense of belonging.

It involves tapping into the collective wisdom of your team and the power of stories. By using my Fireside CHAT™, you’ll engage your whole organization in the process of uncovering what makes your organization unique and what helps it be successful today and in the future.

The final result is a Culture Playbook like no other – uniquely yours, perfectly suited to the needs of your team and your business.

Your playbook will make hiring, onboarding, training, planning, and decision-making exponentially easier – it’s the best initial investment that you can make in your culture.

How does it work?


Schedule a free consultation.


Scope and plan the project with my team’s help.


Run the Fireside CHAT™ process and get your Culture Playbook done!

A free guide

Set the foundations for rapid

WARNING: Long-term side effects of using the guide may include higher engagement, better performance, increased customer loyalty, and amplified impact.

Founders and CEOs love this guide

“This is an indispensable guide for startups and scaleups.

It will help you reflect and build the foundations for a culture that scales. I can’t imagine growing as fast as we have without having done this work with Aga.


Ivan Mazzoleni
CEO, Flowe, Italy

“The big 5 of the Culture Playbook is the best I have seen as a practical commentary and guide to what any business needs to have in place to fulfill its potential. Things can evolve and adapt in bus