Culture Evolution

Culture is an extremely powerful force. It can literally make or break an organisation - big or small - it doesn’t matter.

You are surrounded by an energy field.

And yet, you can’t see it and you can’t feel it.

Not at a conscious level, anyway.

When it’s truly strong, the field impacts everything and everyone in its presence.

It has the capacity to drive and alter anything that happens in your team and in your organisation.

Your business results, your services and products, the relationships with your clients and suppliers, the way people think, the stories they share, the way they go about their work and interact with one another. All this - and much more - is influenced by the field.

Sometimes it’s so strong that it completely transforms people’s reality; it’s almost as if it rearranges the particles in the air, creating a filter so dense that it alters the way they see the world.

To make sense of this new perception, people start telling themselves a different story about who they are, about their team, their organisation and the purpose of it all.

They start feeling differently.

They start acting differently.

And before you know it, the energy field has defined what’s possible for them and their team.

It has determined what they are able to achieve.

This process can be a vicious cycle. Or a virtuous one.

And it’s up to you as a leader to choose which one it’s going to be.

So here’s a fork in the road: Vicious cycle? Or a virtuous one?

If you let culture in your team or organisation evolve at random, you have already decided - you are going for the vicious cycle.

But if you become intentional about shaping a culture in your organisation, just one small pocket at a time, you trigger a virtuous cycle. You enable positive change that might just have the potential to transform the whole energy field. You harness the force that shapes your future.

And how amazing would that be?

Learn how to trigger the virtuous cycle. 

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