BORN TO SPEAK with Richard Newman

Imagine what would be possible if you could talk in a way that connects with people’s emotions and mobilizes them to action.
Or craft stories that give meaning and illustrate what your team or your organization is truly about. Imagine what it would feel like to pitch your products or services at a 100% win rate…

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On this episode, we are hosting the award-winning communication expert and speechwriter, Richard Newman who shares incredibly useful tips on how to do all of the above – and more!

Communication and storytelling play a huge role in shaping cultures. In his book, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, Yuval Noah Harrari makes a compelling case for storytelling and myths being the key factors for homo sapiens dominating our planet. He argues that stories and myths were the main enablers of civilisation as we know it. Without them, we would still live the life of our early ancestors, hunters and gatherers, struggling for survival in the world where homo sapiens was just a marginal creature.

Organisational myths and stories are no different. They serve as the collective memory and are one of the main tools to shape organisational culture.

So, do we really know how to use this powerful tool and make the desired impact on our co-workers and our work environment?

Richard Newman and I talk about how to improve the impact of our words and our stories.

About the guest

Richard Newman is an award-winning expert in communication, storytelling and influence.

He recently won the most coveted award in speech-writing, the Cicero Grand Prize Award for being the Best International Speechwriter, selected by a committee in Washington DC.

His team has given coaching to 50,000 people, across 45 countries, including CEOS and leadership teams.

His clients include Expedia, EE, AXA, Capgemini, Microsoft and 3M.

He is regularly featured on BBC London Radio and TV, discussing the communication styles of leaders.

Richard is a guest speaker at London Business School, where he teaches the MBA students.

Last year his team helped one client win over £1.2 billion in new business by improving the way they communicate, winning 100% of the work they bid for.

You can learn more about Richard at:

Books mentioned on the show

Daniel Kahneman, “Thinking, Fast and Slow “

Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”

Robert McKee, “Storynomics”

Quotes from this episode:

“Many great ideas fail simply because they are poorly communicated” – Richard Newman (Click here to tweet this quote)

“When leaders are thinking of changing culture, it’s got to be on the emotional side of things. You’ve got to make sure that you win the emotion of the people involved.” – Richard Newman (Click here to tweet this quote)

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