Cultivating a Purposeful Culture with Nikki Gatenby

Nikki Gatenby at the CultureLab podcast

Is it possible to make a difference and make money? Nikki Gatenby says yes!

In this episode, we have an enlightening conversation with Nikki, author of “Better Business on Purpose“, on the topic of balancing profit and purpose in business. Nikki highlights the challenges faced by businesses in their pursuit of both success and positive impact, but reassures us that it can be achieved through the implementation of her “radical BBOP approach”.

She showcases inspiring real-life examples of businesses that have struck this balance and are making a positive impact, and provides insights on how we can make improvements at both macro and micro levels.

For those who are looking to make a difference in the world while still running a successful business, this episode is a must-listen. Nikki provides valuable tips and ideas on how to be profitable and purposeful, and how each of us can contribute to creating a better world through our businesses.

Episode highlights
  • Definitions of a BBOP (Better Business on Purpose).
  • Nikki’s personal journey to creating a better business, on purpose.
  • Reframing profit as an outcome rather than the ultimate goal.
  • The P-Qualizer – a new way of measuring your business performance.
  • Shifts in thinking and action to create a better business on purpose.
  • Using purpose as a great way to attract and retain talent.
  • Examples of companies that are succeeded in becoming a BBOP, such as Spanx, Patagonia or Tesla.
  • Purpose and positioning. How and why are these two interconnected?

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More about Nikki Gatenby

A double best-selling author on the subject of engagement with ‘Superengaged‘ and purposeful work with ‘Better Business on Purpose‘, Nikki has led successful marketing agencies in London, Paris and Brighton in the UK with a track record for taking them global.

Her last business went from Brighton to global, from marketing services to 2 SaaS technology products, hand in hand with being named one of the Best Places to Work in the UK for 8 years running.

Having exited the agency in 2019, Nikki is now an in demand agency specialist non-exec director and cognitive behavioural coach. Helping founders to set their strategy and coaching the leadership teams to deliver on it.

Nikki is featured as one of the Corporate Rebels Pioneers for progressive thinking and voted one of ten of the most inspirational people in the 2022 industry Benchpress survey.

Books mentioned in this episode

Superengaged by Nikki Gatenby

Better Business on Purpose by Nikki Gatenby

Vivid Vision by Cameron Harold

Companies mentioned in this episode




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