Cultivating the Self-Care Mindset at Work with Jeanette Bronée

Cultivating the Self-Care Mindset at Work

“When’s the last time you had a good chat with yourself? The kind of chat where you ask yourself, “How am I in there?” – this is one of the questions my dear friend, Jeanette Bronée, likes asking. It’s her second time on the show and we couldn’t have hoped for a better guest in this season of the CultureLab podcast.

Her new book, The Self-Care Mindset, is a culmination of Jeanette’s journey and an extension of her teachings. It’s rooted in solving the burnout crisis by reclaiming agency over our lives and providing readers with the tools to embrace change, buck living in survival mode, and face the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) through a more inclusive and holistic approach to self-care.

As Jeanette observes “our intention fuels our attention” and that a vital part of the self-care mindset is practicing the art of asking the right questions and redirecting our focus toward what really matters in the moment.

Take a look at what Jeanette and I explore in this conversation:

Episode highlights
  • FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and how they mess with our well-being.
  • The physical and emotional impact of taking a pause, aka power pausing.
  • The things leaders need to be able to embrace the mindset of caring about people not just caring for people or for the business.
  • How can we turn difficult conversations into an opportunity for our people to reclaim their agency over how they work?
  • Creating an environment that enables people to speak up and ask for what they need.
  • Speed versus Quality; Short-term versus long-term.
  • Are we really burned out because we work too much? And if not, what are the real reasons for burnout?
  • The fear-driven culture and its impact on our well-being?
  • What are the right questions to direct our attention to things that matter?
  • How can we use our emotions as information to deepen our conversations?
  • The transformational power of training ourselves and others around us to express our needs by simply completing the sentence: I need … so that I can …

“We are not burned out because we work too much. We are burned out because we worry too much.”

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More about Jeanette Bronée

Rethinker, Culture Strategist, Global Keynote & 2 x TEDx Speaker, Author, CEO & Founder of Path for Life®, Inc.

Jeanette is rethinking self-care in the workplace as the foundation for peak performance, engagement, and a culture where people belong and work better together.

She shows us how to shift from a burnout mindset, operating in survival mode, to a Self-Care Mindset®, where we can harness our human advantage and create a Culture of Care® that’s built on Confidence, Agility, Resilience, and Equity.

An internationally recognized wellbeing expert, she shares the tools to reclaim agency and cultivate the human connection that helps us communicate and collaborate with curiosity and care so that we can navigate change and grow.

Integrating her 20-year background in business, mindfulness, and health, she gives us a C.A.R.E.-driven framework to cut through the noise of stress, get unstuck, and take charge of our well-being as the foundation for personal and professional growth.

She has spoken at the United Nations and delivered TEDx talks and keynotes throughout the US and the world on five continents about how we can facilitate change in our relationship with resilience, mental health, and wellbeing at work so that we can be busy and healthy at the same time, cultivating a culture where people create impact, growth, and sustainable success, together.

Her upcoming book “The Self-Care Mindset, Rethinking How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being and Reclaim Work-Life Quality” is launching in the fall and is available for pre-order.

Books mentioned in this episode

The Self-Care Mindset by Jeanette Bronée (pre-orders)

Speak Easy: Connect with Every Conversation by Lou Diamond

Making Conversation by Fred Dust

Love and Work by Marcus Buckingham

Do Hard Things by Steve Magness

The Lovable Leader by Jeff Gibbard

People mentioned in this episode

Seth Godin

Megan Reitz

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