Future-Proof Your Hybrid Culture with Bretton Putter

Bretton Putter at the CultureLab Podcast

Are hybrid and remote the future of work? We think they are very much the present of work.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how we work. The pandemic forced many organisations to adopt remote work and now we are blending remote and in-office work arrangements.

However, here’s the catch: not every organization has cracked the code to make hybrid work a seamless and successful experience. People often express their frustration with this new work model.

My guest today, Bret Putter, has identified where this frustration comes from. He calls it “hybrid friction”.

Bret is a leading expert in hybrid work strategies and practices. He’s been helping organizations navigate the complexities of hybrid work and unlock its full potential for a while now.

Tune into this episode of the CultureLab podcast where we talk about hybrid friction at work and how to avoid it and strategies associated with hybrid work and remote best practices to support your distributed team better.

“The most important thing is for leaders and managers to become more remote-informed, and understand what the remote work best practices are.”

Episode highlights

  • Key success factors to consider while going hybrid.
  • What is hybrid work friction, and how does it show up?
  • In what ways the hybrid work friction affects us, causing a domino effect?
  • The roles of leaders when navigating hybrid work.
  • Becoming more remote-informed – finding the best practices for supporting your team.
  • The 5 key areas of focus when it comes to remote and hybrid work.
  • Outcomes-based leadership and its importance.
  • The declining social capital and ways to build meaningful human connections deliberately?
  • Culture decoupling – what is it and how can you address it effectively.

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More about Bretton Putter

Brett Putter is an author and specialist in the field of organizational culture development. He is the founder and CEO of CultureGene, a Culture Leadership Platform supporting companies to build high-performance hybrid and digital-first cultures. Brett has recently launched the Hybrid Management Training Program for team leaders and managers.

Prior to founding CultureGene, Brett ran an international executive search firm for 15 years working with high-growth tech companies to expand their senior executive teams.

He has published two books on company culture Culture Decks Decoded and Own Your Culture.

People mentioned in this episode

Edgar Schein

Professor Dunbar

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