If you are feeling nostalgia for the “old good times”, Terence Mauri doesn’t have good news for you. He believes that there’s no going back.

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The era of gradual, incremental changes is gone for good. Going forward, we’ll experience a perfect storm of exponential change. What used to be science fiction will now be science fact.

Terence says:

The speed of change today is the slowest you will ever experience in your lifetime. It can be both scary and exciting, all at the same time.

According to Terence, our fear of losing jobs and control to robots is mostly unfounded. He believes that there is a fantastic opportunity for humans to focus on tasks that we are naturally good at and allow the robots to do the “boring” stuff. Uniquely human traits, such as empathy or creativity will be valued more than ever in the future and we will have more and more opportunities for self-actualisation.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • what today’s leaders need to do (and be) to thrive
  • how to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture
  • why experimentation is so important and how to carry out a successful experiment in your team
  • what “moonshot thinking” is and how to use it in your team or your business to shape culture
  • how technology can help us to understand culture in our organisations
  • what’s the kind of mindset that we all need to thrive in the future
  • what Day 1 and Day 2 cultures are

About our guest

Terence Mauri is a global expert helping leaders innovate, adapt and succeed in the age of disruption in which massive yet hard-to-predict upheavals are expected. He is a keynote speaker, Inc. Magazine Columnist and author of the best selling book, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption. To learn more about Terence, go to: www.terencemauri.com

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