A postcard from Bobby Herrera

Sent from Michigan.

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Here’s the transcript of Bobby’s message:

Hi, this is Bobby for the CultureLab Audio Postcards.

Never has it been more important for us as, leaders, to demonstrate to the people that are under our care just how much we care for them. Well, the irony of that is that culture comes from the Latin word cultus, which means to care. So one of the first questions that I asked myself at the offset of the uncertainty was how am I going to maintain the strength and integrity of the culture that creates safety for the people that I lead, while keeping a razor-sharp, keen focus on the numbers that pay the bills? And how do I use those cultural pillars that we’ve erected over time to signal to the organization that it remains important to me and that this is what is going to sustain us over time? And I think that’s one of the biggest challenges that we as leaders will face as we survive, as we recover, and as we reframe this experience. So one of the choices that I made was, I am going to intentionally take the choices that we’re making, overlap it against our culture code, and make sure that there are no gaps. And then I’m gonna build that into my messaging. For example, one of our values is to go off the beaten path. So as I have to make hard choices, I overlap it against that pillar to self assess whether or not I truly am going off the beaten path. And then I’m building that into my messaging. So we as leaders right now, with every choice that we make, can either strengthen or unintentionally weaken our culture. So, as you manage the uncertainty and the volatility of this current pandemic, I wish you enough to get through the unchartered waters that we’re all facing. I hope this interview serves you. Many gifts are coming for the world for the current day. Stay strong. show those wonderful people that you want more for them than from them. Never has compassionate leadership been more important. All hail the underdogs.

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