A postcard from Garry Ridge

Sent from San Diego.

To listen, click ▶️ on the postcard.

Here’s the transcript of Garry’s message:

G’day. This is Gary Ridge for the CultureLab Audio Postcards. These are different and challenging times.

It’s tough and we’re having to use and develop new leadership muscles. And we are. I’m grateful for that.

We’re in this together and we’ll get through this together. It’s time to pivot with patience, have compassion, bring a little bit more empathy in what we do. Forgiveness, learning, virtual – in every way we can be – and stay calm.

We’re learning every day. And when we put those new learnings to work, when we come out of this, we will again soar like the eagles we truly are. We need to forgive folks for just being human, withdraw the temptation to be judgmental and forgive ourselves for making mistakes, embrace the learning moment, pivot, and go forward.

Stay safe. Stay well, wash your hands and please don’t get behind on your I love yous.

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