A postcard from Michael Bungay Stanier

Sent from Canada.

To listen, click ▶️ on the postcard. 

Here’s the transcript of Michael’s message:

Hey there, it’s Michael Bungay Stanier for the CultureLab’s Audio Postcard. So, these are weird, confusing, discombobulating times for sure.

And when you’re asked for advice, it’s hard to know where to point because we don’t really know what’s going on. Things are changing so fast. But I can say for myself in terms of how I’m trying to lead myself and how I’m trying to lead others in my life, the basic principle is how do I walk the line between the light and the dark, because this is a place of opportunity, and it’s a place of anxiety. And if you move too far into anxiety, that’s no good for you and your own self care or good for others around you. If you move too far into opportunity, it’s callous and unfeeling and it’s not appropriate to the people around you as well. It will be different for each of us where that line between the light and the dark is, but my best suggestion for you at the moment is: be clear what that line is and do your very best, knowing that you’ll stumble and fall occasionally to walk the line between light and dark.

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