A postcard from Ron Carucci

Sent from Atlanta.

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Here’s the transcript of Ron’s message:

Greetings! CultureLab listeners, this is Ron Carucci for CultureLab Audio Postcards.

And all of my best to you wherever you are in the world, hunkered down, quarantined, and hopefully getting some good time with people you love and care about. And using this time as a moment to reflect.

It’s an odd, liminal space, we’re in between chapters right now. The one thing I would encourage you all to consider is – this is not our new normal.

This is a difficult season. This is a difficult chapter, but things will resume, things will return.

And if you are a leader shaping a culture of an organization, my strongest encouragement to you is to consider now what do you want to return to. Who do you want to be, who do you want your team to be when this is over. If we look around, we’re seeing amazing stories of generosity, kindness,

creative innovations, amazing collaborations from across the world, and medicine and medical services and healthcare workers. We’re seeing levels of kindness and patience. We’re seeing a greater version of humanity – and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we decided now we wanted to take that one this into the future? So that when we return to our offices, when we return to our shopping and our markets, when things begin to resume, we don’t go back to being busy, hurried, self-centered people. But we take with us the lessons of this season.

So, my encouragement to you is: use this time now to reflect on who do you want to become, who is this season shaping you to be as a leader, and as a community. And take advantage of the fact that while life is suspended right now, you have the opportunity to make some incredible new choices and do that. Those you lead will be grateful you did. Take good care of everybody.

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