A postcard from Seth Godin

Sent from New York.

To listen, click ▶️ on the postcard. 

Here’s the transcript of Seth’s message:

Hey, it’s Seth. I hope that you and yours are finding peace of mind and health. The world has turned topsy-turvy, and our hearts are with you wherever you are. And now the question. The question is: What will you do today? And then, what will you do tomorrow? Because five years from now or five months from now, when we write the history of today and tomorrow, you’ll be in it. What will we say? Who will we seek to become?

So, the practical choice for an entrepreneur for a soloist for someone who is seeking to lead is to become resilient, to realize that we cannot control what is going to happen next. But we can become the kind of person, the kind of organization that’s okay with whatever happens next, that can see who needs us, that can see the change we seek to make over time and that can commit to that, day by day.

Not day trading our emotions by looking to see what the latest breaking news is but instead, settling in place, finding a foundation where we can stand, helping others, inspiring others, connecting others.

Because if we do that day after day, we end up with what we end up with. Because all we can do is figure out how to be a meaningful contribution, to open the doors to possibility.

Keep making a ruckus, it matters.

Be safe and be healthy but also realize that this is going to be a slog. It’s going to be a slog that lasts longer than we’d like.

But there will be another side and on the other side, you will come out as someone who has intentionally become the person and organization you sought to become.

Good luck. Here’s to health and peace of mind.

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