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Our current business environment forces team leaders to think of new, more effective ways to grow individual and collective capacities to face the upcoming challenges. 

In the past decades, coaching has proven to be one of the most effective tools to achieve that. 

Now, the key challenge is:

How can coaching conversations become second nature for everyone in your team?

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Programme overview

Our programme consists of:

  • a 2-day interactive, participant-led workshop
  • an orientation session for your team
  • 3 hours of individual coaching for the team leader

Our programme offers thorough, step-by-step guidance on how to create an environment where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

We will help you assess your organisation’s or team’s readiness for a coaching culture, identify the business case for creating one and create an action plan to realise the change.

The programme is based on the research and findings presented in the book: “Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture”, as well as the new findings that haven't been published yet.

What the workshop looks and feels like

Have a look at what the workshop looks and feels like and what participants have to say about it. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who wants to create an environment where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. 


The programme will give you:

  • a business case for coaching in your team
  • a clear vision of what a coaching culture will actually look like in your team or in your organisation 
  • tools to measure the current state-of-play
  • sound understanding of dynamics and mechanics of shaping a culture and building new habits
  • implementable strategies to build a coaching culture in your team

If you'd like us to organise this programme for your organisation, get in touch!

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