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Bretton Putter is the CEO of CultureGene and the author of a recently published book, Own Your CultureIn this episode, we talk about what to think about and what to do to create a thriving culture in the world of remote or hybrid work. Brett shares plenty of actionable insights and examples of practices you can implement to adapt to this new way of working. 


Episode Highlights

Here are a few highlights from this conversation: 

  • Transitioning from an office-based culture to a remote one.
  • Coping with grief and sense of loss.
  • The critical importance of documentation in remote teams.
  • The power of cultivating a culture in smaller clusters.
  • Why revising your values right now might be a great idea - and how to engage your team in the process.
  • How to operationalize your Culture Playbook.
  • The best way to start transitioning from an office-based culture to a remote one.
  • Various mechanisms that reinforce the desired culture.


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More about Brett Putter

Bretton Putter is an expert in company culture development, consulted by companies and leaders worldwide on how to design, build and develop a strong, functional company culture. He is the CEO of CultureGene a Culture Leadership Platform helping high-growth companies build strong, functional cultures. Prior to founding CultureGene Brett ran an international executive search firm working with high-growth tech companies to expand their executive teams across Europe and the USA. His first book Culture Decks Decoded was published in 2018 and his second book, Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture was published in September 2020. He writes a popular blog on culture-driven companies and is a sought-after speaker.    


Books and resources mentioned in this episode

Maverick by Ricardo Semler

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Additional resources 

The Culture Strategy Bootcamp

Scaleup’s Guide to Creating a Culture Playbook 

Personal Core Values Discovery Guide

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