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When DJ Mitsch attended a writing workshop with Sam Horn in Washington, she thought it would help her polish the manuscript of what seemed to be a great case study book. However, instead of the final touches to her almost finished manuscript, she left the workshop with a title and an idea for a completely new book. That’s how “Zombies to Zealots” was born. And if you haven’t read it yet, the only thing I can say is “What are you waiting for?”

People embark on careers of their choosing with varying levels of enthusiasm and passion. But very few of us took a conscious decision to sell our soul for a pay-check. And yet, soon after we land that first job, things gradually creep up on us: a bad boss, a dysfunctional team, a boring project, a perceived lack of meaning. And, without realising, we lose our mojo at work. We spend our days in an unconscious, sleepwalking daze. As DJ Mitsch puts it, we become, “zombified”.

The magnitude of this phenomena is huge. In fact, it looks like we might be experiencing an unprecedented zombie apocalypse in the workplace. According to the most recent Gallop survey, 85% of employees worldwide don’t feel fully engaged in their work.

In this interview, Darelyn DJ Mitsch and I talk about how to bring our soul back to life at work. I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2018 on CultureLab.

DJ is hard to label (but I will try anyway) - she’s a mystic, a coach, an author, a businesswoman, an innovator, a torch-bearer, a light worker and a game-changer. She lives with one foot in the world of Spirit and one firmly planted in the world of Business. Her mission is to blend these two worlds when coaching leaders around the globe.

And she has a message that many people need to hear at the beginning of this year:



Tune in to find out!

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