Executive Coaching

You are in a leadership position and you have a terrific vision to move forward.

You are hard-working and smart.

You have a great track record of career success.

You aren’t afraid to rock the boat and to do what it takes to make a positive change.

And yet, your progress is slower and harder than anticipated because:

  • not everyone is on board with the changes you need to make
  • there’s not enough time in the day to do it all
  • the culture seems misaligned and unhelpful

What if you could…

  • achieve far more with significantly less effort
  • trigger a self-sustaining forward motion on your key strategic priorities
  • have people do the right thing even when nobody’s watching

I help leaders like you in creating a culture that brings their vision to life.

My Approach

My approach to executive coaching is informed by over 20 years career and experience as a leader, consultant, researcher and author.
In my work with clients, I use a unique blend of disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural psychology, anthropology, sociology, systems theory and many others.
I use my proprietary BECOME process that enables my clients to harness the forces at play in their life, putting them firmly back into the driver’s seat and connecting them to the most reliable source of power and strength available to a person.

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