Team Coaching

Your team has an ambitious mission to achieve.

Each individual brings something valuable to the mix.

Everyone is qualified to do the job.

And you certainly aren’t afraid to work hard and do what it takes to deliver on expectations.

And yet, it feels like you haven’t fully tapped into your collective potential because:

  • there are too many meetings that get you nowhere
  • some members seem to be contributing less than others
  • there is a lot of underlying conflict or tensions

What if you could…

  • get everyone aligned and energised
  • trigger a self-sustaining forward motion on your key strategic priorities
  • have people do the right thing even when nobody’s watching

I help teams like yours to achieve extraordinary results by focusing both on WHAT needs to be accomplished (your mission) and HOW you go about it (your culture).
Teams that I work with typically multiply their effectiveness and results in just 3 months.

My Approach

My approach to team coaching is informed by over 20 years career and experience as a leader, consultant, researcher and author.

I use my proprietary BECOME process that enables teams to have the most effective meetings they have ever head, followed by actions that bring extraordinary results.

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