A QUESTION OF IDENTITY with Emmanuel Gobillot

If we had to narrow it down to just one factor that differentiates a victim from a leader, it would have to be their identity. While they often feel the same frustrations, notice the same problems and experience similar challenges, the leader sees herself as an agent of change. This self perception urges her to take action that challenges the status-quo. And it turns out that this act of courage creates ripples and waves that make a world of difference to others.

In this episode Emmanuel Gobillot talks about how an individual within an organisation can significantly contribute to improving their company culture, what’s important to keep in mind when we are trying to create a culture of collaboration and how to overcome fears that stand in the way to creating an environment where 1+1 equals much more more than 2.

About the guest

Emmanuel Gobillot is the founder of Emmanuel Gobillot Limited, and a co-founder of ‘Collaboration Partners’.

Emmanuel and I go back many years – we both used to work in Hay Group in our previous lives and this is where our paths had crossed for the first time.

Emmanuel has worked with many organisations ranging from Astra Zeneca to Google and The United Nations and for more than 15 years, he’s delivered results based on his mantra:

‘There must be a better way and together we will find it’.

A lot of his fascinating ideas are captured in his books: The Connected Leader, Leadershift, Follow the Leader, and his most recent – Disciplined Collaboration.

To learn more about Emmanuel, you can go to:

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