According to David Taylor aka The Naked Leader, change has become the most meaningless, boring, and pointless word in every organisation. So what he suggests focusing on is choice rather than change.

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David Taylor makes a bold statement – he says that he figured out the formula of guaranteed success. He claims that if you follow the formula, success is guaranteed no matter what your background, your present position, where you want to go, or who you want to be. Sounds too good to be true? Have a listen to this inaugural episode of CultureLab and find out!

David Taylor is the Founder of Naked Leader and the author of the fastest selling business book in the world: The Naked Leader (and four follow-ups to it). He’s also the Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Ulster Business School.

As a speaker, David has keynoted in 74 countries – he has been voted Best European Business Speaker and has shared platforms with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Michael Gorbachev, and he has featured in three TV series. You’ll understand why when you listen to the podcast.

But most of all, David is a provocateur – in the most positive sense of the word. He challenges our beliefs and the status quo and forces us to see the reality in a completely different way.
David believes that the most powerful force that drives everything in our lives and in organisations are choices. His key message is “be successful by being yourself because this is the only thing that you will need.”

He believes that this principle can be applied to organisations as well. While the traditional approach to culture change focuses on identifying what doesn’t work, David advocates focusing on what people in the organisation are already great at and the aspects of the organisation culture that already work and that people are proud of.
This is definitely what I have learnt about culture evolution as well – the paradox is that you can only change a culture if you respect it and work with it and within it, instead of against it.

There are many more fascinating topics that we cover in this interview with David. I hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed interviewing David!

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