According to Professor David Clutterbuck, one of Europe’s most influential management thinkers and author of over 70 books, truly great leaders have one thing in common:

They’ve mastered the art of dialogue that moves mountains.

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David deeply believes that the majority of problems we face in the workplace could be easily solved through honest conversations where both parties are prepared to be open, to listen and to take different perspectives on board.

So, what stands in the way of these powerful conversations at work (and at home)?

One of the main obstacles is our apparent inability to be honest.

Not only are we not honest with others, we lack honesty with ourselves as well.

We’ve created an environment where being honest can be considered self-destructive, particularly at work.

After all, who’d dare to tell their boss that their performances problems are due to the boss’ management style?

So, what’s the solution?

To change the current status-quo, we need more “secure leaders”. (As in:”not insecure”).

People who are confident enough to be honest.

Not afraid to be vulnerable.

Willing to share their weaknesses and quirks.

Managers who don’t feel the need to control everything and everyone.

Leaders who choose to focus on creating an environment where people can manage themselves.

David refers to that environment as a place of “fizz and buzz”.

“Fizz” is the energy that you get from the work that you do. “Buzz” is the energy that you get from the people you do it with.

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